The Road Trip

Estes Park Colorado

It is true, the town of Estes Park is beautiful, nestled in amongst the Rockies, it’s picture perfect. Our campsite, Jellystone at Estes Park, was located about 5 miles out of town. The nice thing about this campsite was it was resort style, so it had a pool, giant jump pad, playgrounds, mini golf and entertainment etc. Just outside Estes Park is the entrance the Rocky Mountain National Park (link to post). It really was the perfect place for is to start our tiny house adventure at.

We headed into town to cycle around the lake, surrounded by rocky outcrops. It was only about 3.5 miles but it was scenic and peaceful. A few mild inclines got the old heart racing, especially with a 32lb girl on the back of my bike! Aviana got a chance to climb some rocks and throw stones into the lake. Chris was on form with his stone skimming.

Estes park lake we cycled around

I got a sense that the town was not filled with the normal tourist crowd. In fact there were many signs saying ‘welcome back’. After our bike ride we only made it so far into town as to find an ice cream. They had only been open a few days, I think we had lucked out.

We treated ourselves to ice cream floats. I had lemon sorbet float on kombucha, Chris had caramel crisp ice cream float on nitro coffee. Aviana kept it simple with double chocolate. Just as we sat down to enjoy our treats, the wind picked up and blew chairs across the garden and almost into the stream nearby! A storm was brewing and so we gulped down our well deserved frozen goodies and headed straight home to the tiny house. It’s a shame because I felt that the quaint town deserved to be explored.

Overall Estes Park was perfectly memorable.


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